Homelessness has increased dramatically here in San Diego and while we’ve increased funding for programs to help get people on their feet, the sad reality is that we are not making progress. As I researched how to address the causes of homelessness, I discovered an innovative and successful program called The Other Side Academy. I was so impressed by what I saw that I launched The Other Side Academy right here in San Diego, a place that transforms the lives of the formerly incarcerated, those suffering from addiction, and those with mental health issues. The Other Side Academy bucks traditional wisdom with accountability and programs that emphasize self-sufficiency rather than government-reliance. Residents live in a drug-free home and learn to develop their strengths by helping each other. With a focus on changing negative behaviors through peer interactions, they learn social norms, build social skills, and become self-sufficient. We need to raise the bar on what is possible, not lower it, and against the odds, The Other Side Academy is changing lives.