Kristin believes our children deserve a second chance, and the decisions we make when they are heading in the wrong direction can determine the trajectory of the rest of their life.

Throughout her first term, Kristin has studied programs being used in other parts of the country that are producing results on a range of issues. Traveling to New York, Las Vegas, and Washington, DC with the County’s Probation Department, Kristin studied models for addressing juvenile justice reform, which can help continue our regional decline of youth in the justice system.

In August of 2018, Kristin introduced the Achievement Center model as an alternative to juvenile hall. By providing alternatives like the Achievement Centers, we can safely and effectively prevent unnecessary detention and promote a social and rehabilitative approach for at-risk youth.

The Achievement Centers will provide structure and accountability during the critical after-school hours, promoting long-term success while providing an array of services including academic assistance, literacy skills, introduction to career and technical education pathways, individual and family case management, life and social skills development, and opportunities for leadership, all building resilience and self-esteem so that they can succeed in life.