Kristin Gaspar to Seek Re-Election to Board of Supervisors

(Encinitas, Calif.) – San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, serving her first term on the Board of Supervisors, will seek re-election to a second term. Kristin and her husband Paul have three children and live in Encinitas. Having grown up in North County, she is intimately familiar with our region’s strengths and the challenging issues we face.

“I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made in my first term. Using innovative approaches to government is important to me and serves as a catalyst for the private sector and non-profits to get more involved,” said Gaspar. “We are changing lives by engaging the community, investing in prevention and working together toward solutions.”

The Supervisor, who served as Board Chair in 2018, made helping our most vulnerable populations the cornerstone of her work at the County. Kristin works closely with the San Diego Food Bank to end food insecurity, Solutions for Change to solve family homelessness, and Saved in America to help save young girls from the horrors of human trafficking. She recently joined with the Safe Homes Coalition to end opioid abuse and is also currently working to help fund and expand a milk bank for babies in the NICU.

A fiscal watchdog, Gaspar was the only Supervisor to vote against a Board pay raise and pension spike and is a vocal critic of SANDAG’s efforts to divert money from the voter-approved improvements of the 78, 52, and 67, to fund a mass transit-only plan for downtown San Diego.

Gaspar has also been an outspoken opponent of the Trump Administration’s efforts to open San Diego’s coastline to offshore drilling. As Board Chair, Gaspar wrote a letter of opposition to the Trump Administration, while partnering with state and local leaders for rallies in opposition to offshore drilling. Last month, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced that the Administration has dropped those plans.

Homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse have become increasingly difficult challenges for San Diego County and Kristin has worked to find innovative approaches that help lift people up and get back on their feet, including The Other Side Academy, Achievement Centers, the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System, and the Keep Kids Safe pilot program.

Kristin has also worked closely with Workshops for Warriors, helping our transitioning veterans with free vocational training in advanced manufacturing resulting in a 97% success rate in job placement and retention after only 14-16 weeks. These heroes are being placed in good-paying jobs with the ability to sustain themselves and their families.

North County’s roads and infrastructure have long needed additional investments, which led Kristin to launch the Building Better Roads Initiative, garnering national attention for its innovative approach to fixing roads. Through the formation of a working group of building industry leaders, she quickly identified and implemented cost-effective and sustainable strategies to pave more lane miles while saving taxpayer dollars.

“I am excited to build on the progress we’ve made and look forward to exploring new opportunities to move the County forward,” said Gaspar.

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